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​Your Long Range West Coast Fishing Tackle Specialist

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Saltwater Fishing Tackle

Located on the coast of Ventura County, the gateway to the Channel Islands in Southern California, we are the West Coast Fishing
specialists (stand up and rail rod fishing), specializing in Saltwater Fishing Tackle for LONG RANGE (Yellowfin and 
Bluefin ​Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, Yellowtail, and Albacore) and local Islands (White Sea Bass, Calicos, Barracuda, Lingcod, Rockfish,
and Halibut). 

We have everything thing you need for your saltwater fishing trip whether it be to the beach or pier, on a local charter or private
fishing boat, or a long range fishing trip … Seeker Rods and Seeker Rod Blanks, Calstar Rods, Avet Reels, and Accurate
, to name a few. Our inventory also includes tournament freshwater bass tackle, trout tackle and equipment and fly fishing
tackle and equipment.

Eric's Tackle Shop and WeGetBit services also include custom rod building, rod/reel repair, yacht fitting and lure rigging.​

976-Tuna Listen to the most current/update Southern California Saltwater Fishing Reports and Conditions from 976-TUNA.

 —   ALL AVET REELS SHIPPED FOR FREE   — Click Here to see all Avet Reels

Attention fishing book collectors, we now have an inventory of signed first printing,
rare limited edition, and other collectible angling books … for more information CLICK HERE

What's Hot … The Super Seeker

This line of rods is truly "The Best of the Best" The combination of graphite and S-Glass create a composite material that is superior to any saltwater rod on the market today. Each Super Seeker Fishing Rod composite blank is built to shut off at just he right spot to give the angler maximum lifting power! – (Seeker Pro Staffer/Legendary Surfboard Shaper Al Merrick and a hefty Yellowfin caught with his custom Super Seeker)


Seeker Fishing Rods - Super Seeker
Seeker Rods Black Steel

With a rod for almost every saltwater application, The Seeker Black Steel Rods have landed everything from rock fish to the largest yellowfin tuna ever taken on rod & reel. This composite rod utilizes E-Glass and graphite to create a strong rod with a slightly softer tip than our Super Seeker Rods. An extensive line of blanks backup our finished rods to create a massive selection for custom rod builders and beginner fishermen alike.

*New for 2015: An average savings of 10% by changing the titanium guides to Fuji BMNAG.

What's New … More Bait Wrapped Jigs
Bait Wrapped Jigs

What's New … More Marlin Lures 

Marlin Lures
What's New … Seeker Harpoons Fishing RODS,
get the job done.

Seeker Rods - Harpoons 1

Seeker Rods - Seeker Harpoons 2

Lee Baermann's book Fly Fish The Surf is
now available for sale

 Available Now

For Sale

Lee Baermann Book - Fly Fish the Surf

Call (805) 648-5665 to get a signed copy of
Lee Baermann's book  Fly-Fish The Surf



What's New … Lee Baermann's new LB Streamer is now for sale. They work excellent in both saltwater and freshwater. They come in Olive/White, White/White, Chartruse/White, Brown/White,
and Black/White
Lee Baermann - Streamer Flies

Lee Baermann - Surf Flies

Avet MXJ5.8:1 Single Drag
Lever Reel
 … Click for more infoAvet Reel MXJ581 - Single-Drag


$208 and FREE Shipping …
Click to Purchase

Avet SX 6.4 Two Speed Reel … 
Click for more info

Avet Reels Raptor SX64

$394 and FREE Shipping …
Click to Purchase

Accurate FURY FX2-400N 6:1 •
3:1 2-Speed Reels
Click for more info

Accurate Boss Fury FX2-400N 6:1 3:1 2-Speed Reel

 These reels were designed with fishermen's needs  in  mind. If you are chasing bullet Tuna,school  Dolphin,  or trying to catch your first White  Seabass,  the  Boss Fury has a size to meet your  fishing needs  at  an affordable price.

$379  … Click to Purchase

Seeker Offshore Pro
 … Click for more info

Seeker Rods - Offshore

    This seeker rod is built for the serious tuna
    fishermen who want to put the hurtin on big fish

$549 …
Click to Purchase

Checkerboard Surf Flies … 
Click for more info

Lee Baermann - Checkerboard Flies

 One of the best West Coast Saltwater  Surf  Flies ever designed. The  Checkerboard  Surf Flies Catches Surf  Perch,  Walleye  Perch,  Corbina, Calico Bass,  Halibut,  Yellow Fin  Croaker, Spot Fin Croaker,  Sand  Sharks,  and  Leopard Sharks, just to name  a  few. This fly  has  even been used to catch Carp.  A Very  versatile and effective Fly.

$3.50  … Click to Purchase

Salty Crew T-Shirt, Chasing Tail – Long Sleeve – White … Click for more info
Salty Crew - Chasing Tail Long Sleeve T-Shirt

$25.99  … Click to Purchase

Salty Crew Crew Cap – Black … 
Click for more info

Salty Crew Crew Cap

$25.99  … Click to Purchase

What's New … What's New …

Seeker Rods SPOTTED!

Seeker Specialty Rods (SSR810 and SSR80H) for the swimbait fishermen and more!

"Anglers looking for the right action to throw the big swimbaits have two new choices to choose from. The Seeker SSR810 (20-40lb) and the Seeker SSR80H (20-50lb) both are suited well for the job at 8'0" long, and with a stiffer tip setion on the SSR810 and a whip tip on the SSR80H you can cast ALL DAY" 

Seeker Rods - 1 SSR Fishing Rods

Seeker Rods - 2 SSR Fishing Rods

            Salty Crew T-Shirts

Salty Crew Shorts Salty Crew Short Sleeve T-Shirts

 Check out the newest hats, jackets, fleece, pants, shorts
and T's  from Salty Crew



Yellow Fest 2015

2014 Fishing Season Highlights
Monster Amazon Fish
Seeker Black Steel Opah


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