How to Tie the Perfection Loop Knot

Perfection Loop Knot is tied to allow a free swinging hook connection, to space the hook back in a trolling lure, or to tie a loop in the end of a line. Popular knot used by Mexican cruiser and Panga fisherman. Sometime referred to as the Mexican loop knot. Can be tied in heavy monofilament leader too. The Perfection Loop is an excellent choice for looping sinkers and hooks to bottom-fishing rigs, and is preferred by many party boat anglers over the Surgeon’s Loop, which is slightly easier to tie but has a bulky profile. When drawn tight, the Perfection Loop is a slim knot that sheds weed, sea grass and bottom debris. Fly fishermen use it to add a loop at the end of the leader butt. A hook or fly can be added to the large loop before drawing the knot tight.

Perfection Loop Knot
Form a loop with standing portion behind.

Perfection Loop image two
Grip crossing section with thumb and forefinger. If you’re using the loop to attach terminal tackle, slide the hardware over the tag end now.

Turn tag end around front of loop to create a second loop.

Lay tag end in valley between two loops.

Slip second loop (with hardware, if present) through first loop pulling slowly, but steadily to close final knot.