Photos and description of how to tie the most common fishing knots, Albright, Cat's Paw, San Diego, Double San Diego, Dropper Loop, Improved Clinch, Nail to Nail, Perfection Loop, Palomar, Trilene, and Spider Hitch​.

Albright Knot   An easy way of connecting a mono leader to your main line (mono, spectra or dacron).

Cat's Paw Knot Used for connecting the loop to loop wind on leaders.

San Diego Knot One of the most popular knots in So Cal. A most know for every fisherman.

Double San Diego Knot Same as above doubled up. Year after year winner in the Fred Hall show Izor knot tying contest.

Dropper Loop Knot As the name states. Tied for light use only (bait and rockfish).

Improved Clinch Knot Another must know knot. Simple and very strong.

Nail To Nail Knot Very quick and strong way to attach mono or flouro to spectra.

Perfection Loop Used for tying a loop in the line. Ties well with very heavy mono. Just a moderate breaking strength.

Palomar Knot This is good for all kinds of light to medium weight fishing lines. Also works very well on spectra.

Trilene Knot  … Is a multi purpose fishing knot that can be used for attaching monofilament line to hooks, swivels and lures.

Spider Hitch Is one of the easiest ways to form a loop or a double in a line. It is far easier than the bimini twist. Very quick and strong knot.