Fly Tying Class Header

In the last tying class 07/31/2018 Eric Blackshear taught the class how to tie a Foam Frog. it was not too difficult and fun to tie. Can’t wait to tie up some more of these.

Eric's Foam Frog

On 06/19/2018 Steven Fort taught us how to tie a really cool Articulated Mouse Pattern using foam and rabbit strips. A fun pattern to tie.

Steven Fort Mouse Pattern

The tying class on 06/05/2018 was taught by Dennis McCarty and we learned how to tie an Size #16 Black Bead Head Articulated Midge Emerger and a Size #12 Copper Bead HeadSquirrel Copper Nymph, both great trout flies.

PT Articulated Midge Copper Squirrel Tail Nymph











On 05/22/2018, first night of Eric’s Tackle fly tying class taught by Dennis McCarty, we tied a Size #14 Timberline Emerger Wet Fly and a Size #14 Callebetis Spent-Wing Spinner, both excellent still water trout flies.

Timberline Emerger Wet Fly Callebetis Spinner