How to Tie the Dropper Loop Knot

The Dropper Loop Knot is also known as a Dropper knot or a Blood loop knot. It’s often used by bottom fishermen to attach a ​rubber worm or tube lure above a jig or to make multiple hook bait rigs, whilst fly fishermen sometimes use it to attach a second  fly (or dropper) to their leaders. It’s not difficult to learn and you’ll be able to make up better rigs than you can buy in the stores and save a few Dollars at the same time.    

Dropper Loop Knot
Form a loop

Pass the loop around itself.

Wrap the loop around itself 3 to 6 times (3 times is adequate with 100 lb mono but lighter mono will require more wraps).

Pass the opposite side of the loop through the centre of the wraps that you have created. You will notice that the size of the loop that you started with dictates how long the dropper will be.

Lubricate the knot well (this is very important) and draw the knot tight carefully and evenly. I find it easiest to take the two ends of line in my hands and the loop in my mouth to draw it up tight. When you think that it is tight lubricate it again and tighten it some more!