About Eric's Tackle Shop

Opened in 1979 as Moore's Tackle and renamed in 1994 as Eric's Tackle Shop, we are the West Coast Fishing Tackle specialists (stand up and rail rod fishing), specializing in Saltwater Fishing Tackle for LONG RANGE (Yellowfin and Bluefin ​Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, Yellowtail, and Albacore) and local Islands (White Sea Bass, Calicos, Barracuda, Lingcod, Rockfish, and Halibut). Our inventory also includes tournament bass tackle, trout gear and fly fishing. We have been lucky enough to have lead our clients to several million dollars in tournament wins and world record fish.


Eric's Tackle Shop services include custom rod building, rod/reel repair, yacht fitting and lure rigging. We are also the Ventura reps for Lyons and O'haver taxidery out of San Diego and work with Adventure Travel Alliance in Simi Valley.


About Eric Huff:


My life in the fishing world started at about 5 or 6 years old. It began with trips to the local creeks and rivers fishing trout with my father. In short notice we were doing trips to the northwest (B.C. Canada, Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho). At about 12 years old I began fishing aboard the S/F Monte Carlo and pinheading along with Bill and Pat Cavanaugh. With the El Nino that peaked in 1983 I became completely dedicated to fishing and worked at Moore's Tackle Shop. I spent my days off chasing local bass, yellows and albacore. My teenage idol was not a professional athlete, it was Rollo Heyn (deckhand on the Royal Polaris and later captain). By the age of 15 I had done my first 17 day trip aboard Frank LoPreste's Royal Polaris. Lucky for me I had got to fish with Long Range fishing icons like Ralph Mikkelsen, Butch Green, Stasi Velonikis and Jimmy Lew. It's hard to image a punk kid fishing on one of the Yo's Tackle 17 day trips back then. At 19 I began running the tackle shop for Dick Moore. On September 1st 1994 I purchased Moore's Tackle. I continue expanding my life in fishing along with my wife Jessica, daughter Jolie and stepson Reno.





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